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the hell


date: 23.04.06 + 26.04.06
time: 19:30 - 23:00
location: Hafen 19a, 63067 Offenbach am Main

Asked to consider an installation for the 2006 Luminale, Land's End  hosted, on the 26th April, “The Hell”,  a light-box as exhibition "space" measuring only 65 x 65 x22 cm.

The exhibition parameters of The Hell are defined by the vertical space in which the was light box is placed. Within these tight constraints each artist is free to interperate the light-space so that with each new work a new understanding of the light box as space, object or service in relation to it's location is generated.

The Hell first opened in Frankfurt, Lahnstrasse in 2004 and is run by Stefan Wieland and Martin Neumeier. For the 26th of April the artist Stefan Müller from Frankfurt and Berlin has produced a work titled "Shots tearing the air". This is a very clear and yet poetic work whereby both the acrylic glass sheets of the light box were replaced by plywood panels. The light box was mounted in the no-mans land of the former recycling yard at Hafen 19 in Project Hafen Offenbach.

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