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cow session wally byam style
a Wally Byam cow session the tradition of the Wally Byam Caravanners Club International1, we hold our cow sessions mostly on a saturday by the Airstream.

These are open to all, and provide a secluded and relaxed environment where people can think and speak freely about key issues of today. Confidentiality is ensured by the Charterhouse Rule, press and photography is not allowed.
The Charterhouse Rule:
Cow Sessions are run on the understanding that all discussion and conversation takes place under the Charterhouse Rule. Accordingly, while participants are free to use the information received, neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be divulged; nor may it be mentioned that the information was received at a Cow Session, unless prior agreement is obtained.

Location: Land's End, Hafen 19a, 63067 Offenbach am Main
From 19:00 open end
Speakers from 20:00

2005 Cow Sessions:
2nd July          
with Mies v. d. Rohe
6th August      
with My Beautiful Babysitter
3rd September with Guy Debord
1st October      with Streets of Broken Streetlights
5th November  with Guy Fawkes
3rd December  with Balzac age, or all males are sons of the beach

2006 Cow Sessions
4th April
           with Thomas Anders
29th July
          with Bouhlou, a pizza session
25th November with Cal D'Or
15th December with Klaus Waeldele

2007 Cow Sessions
13th January    with Panacea

after cow session no. 22
after the cow session 4th April 06

1. During the WBCCI tours of the world the caravan of Airstreams would halt at the end of the day to set up its "side-walk cafes - a loose assortment of lawn chairs and tables patterned after European bistros - where the group would relax with a cool drink and mull over the day's events. These were affectionately dubbed "cow sessions," a sort of female spin on the phrase "bull session," in which everyone was given equal say..."

Airstream, The History of the Land Yacht, Burkardt + Hunt, p. 116

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