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SPATIAL STORIES: the Land's End 2005 kick-off fixture.

What stories are you being told? What stories are you telling yourself?

Spatial Stories explores how stories, both recieved and those of our own making, traverse, organise, regulate and inspire. We will be collecting stories of experience, of knowledge, of obligation and of fantasy, then looking at how they relate to the concrete, the spatial and physical end-products of everyday life.
What are places and spaces saying? What are we doing with them?

How are they doing? How are we doing?

We will be looking for differences in the playing field between the fiction and the concrete, between narrative prose and reality. It is like collecting instances of the American Dream and catching the smells, tastes and sounds of the trailer park. Like seeing travel stories as a means of mass transportation. Like collecting and sifting geographies of action as in the daily news, television news reports and legends then writing a letter to your newspaper, for all it's worth. Like scratching away the layers of identity we have covered and decorated ourselves with - how we create our own stories, places and spaces.


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