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Land’s End
started as a museal idea: the notion of a establishing a "collection" of places around the world which have witnessed significant or creative acts and then making these places accessible.

Places such as the apartments, attics and cellars of writers. Or places such as a gardens, forests and fields scientists find themselves in their moments of inspiration. 
It could be the dunes, beaches or that elusive, ever shifting edge between land and sea of lovers. The spaces between imagination and reality or rather: where the everyday ends and the imagination begins.

It may well be that with the passing of time the places and spaces will change so fundamentally that the only way to access them is through the imagination. Other places may well be lying intact, like time capsules waiting to be unlocked.

Today, the Land's End project is becoming more than a mere access to places of the past by becoming more involved in the creation of the identity of present and future spaces. It is not just the power of places to inspire, but also the question of how much the identity of contemporary landscape arises from the place itself and how much it is really what we bring to that place.

Land's End explore this terrain through "urban camping" - a series of what we call urban interventions, using art, architecture, music, performance and film inserted in selected locations to catalyze the latent possibilities of a "place" to create "space".1

These pages are intended to inform about our programme, on our progress and to announce our upcoming events.

Tony Hunt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, January 2005

Land's End e.V. founded by Anke + Heike Schleper, Christian Pantzer, Bernie Schreiner, Christoph Lauber, Kevin Slavin and Tony Hunt.

1. Ref. to the de Certeau definition of Place and Space

land's-end.eV. is a non profit organisation.
We do not sell clothes or offer any quick-fixes, except the one which already belongs to you: the chance to change the way you see the world in a moment.
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