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   Land's End e.V. make interventions in the contemporary landscape
Land's End Drive-In Cinema Saturday 29th October 2005
Land's End, Hafen 19a, 63067 Offenbach am Main, from 20:00 + open end

The Land’s End Drive-In Cinema is a one day urban intervention as part of our “Spatial Stories“ programme for 2005.
Land’s End will create a temporary drive-in cinema for the night of 29th October 2005 in the Offenbach Port.

This port is currently being cleared by the Projekt Hafen Offenbach to make way for a mixed business and residential
development and exists currently as a kind of no-mans land. Our objective for this location is to plant a series of
events to act as what we call “cultural roots“ for the new city quarter. It is our proposal that some of these events may
mature, to be later taken on and integrated in the new quarter in an appropriate form.

The intention of the Land’s End Drive-In Cinema is to show short films, both local and international, in this open-air
urban setting using the existing infrastructures. Due to the temporary nature of the event the soundtracks are to be
transmitted simultaneously over the radio so that the viewers can tune in with their car radios. This also opens up the
programme to another pure audio dimension for those who are not at the drive-in itself. The remote transmittal of the
soundtracks over the radio may also lead to unavoidable tensions in synchronisation.

We have invited submissions of short films, video and video art up to 30 minutes in length. Apart from the quality of
the film or video, the jury was looking for submissions which deal creatively with the fact that the soundtrack will be
sent live over the radio, silent films were therefore not be considered.

No other restrictions applied to the genre of submitted works.

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Tony Hunt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, January 2005

Land's End e.V. founded by Anke + Heike Schleper, Christian Pantzer, Bernie Schreiner, Christoph Lauber, Kevin Slavin and Tony Hunt.

land's-end.eV. is a non profit organisation.
We do not sell clothes or offer any quick-fixes, except the one which already belongs to you: the chance to change the way you see the world in a moment.
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