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Land's End Drive-In Film Show Entry Conditions

The deadline for the submissions has been extended to the 1st October 2005.

Film format: VHS, S-VHS, Beta, DV, DVD (16 mm to be verified)

Time max. 30 minutes

Only DVD or VHS cassettes will be accepted for the pre-selection. (DVD prefered!)

Max. 2 films per artist are accepted.

The entree carries the costs of mailing. Submissions will be returned on request only, and subject to the following conditions: submissions from abroad enclose a 10 US $ or Euro note (cash only).

Other material enclosed may be stored in the Land’s End archives.

Jury decision will be issued in 26th August 2005.

Due to the volume of entries to be considered, we are unfortunately unable to supply individual explanations of our decisions.

At the beginning of August the makers of submissions selected for the festival must on request furnish a technically flawless screening copy. This copy will be returned after the festival at the organizer’s expense.

Works submitted must be in German or English, or provided with subtitles in these languages.

Works received are not covered by insurance. Should a work be damaged through the fault of the organisers only the material value will be reimbursed.

Land’s End e.V. may only accept packages from abroad whose customs declaration forms have been completed correctly. Packages dispatched outside the European Union must clearly bear the following information:

»Video cassette/CD-ROM. Not for trade – temporary loan for film festival. Value=0«

link to entry form

Tony Hunt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, January 2005

Land's End e.V. founded by Anke + Heike Schleper, Christian Pantzer, Bernie Schreiner, Christoph Lauber, Kevin Slavin and Tony Hunt.

land's-end.eV. is a non profit organisation.
We do not sell clothes or offer any quick-fixes, except the one which already belongs to you: the chance to change the way you see the world in a moment.
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